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Treyveon Longmire Loves Ohio State But Can UK Convert


It’s no surprise that Corbin junior standout Treyveon Longmire loves Ohio State.

“I didn’t move to Kentucky until I was 7 or 8. In Ohio, you grow up loving Ohio State. It’s just the way it is,” said Longmire.
However, he’s also become very fond of the University of Kentucky program.
“Since I’ve moved here, I have always had Kentucky stuff,” Longmire said. “I love (assistant) coach (Vince) Marrow. When I went for a visit (in April), I did not expect a (scholarship) offer. I definitely like their academics and one thing I am looking for in a school is a good academic program and education. And the facilities are amazing.”

Kentucky’s 2022 high school recruiting class could have at least 10 players with multiple Power-5 offers before their junior seasons even start. Longmire — ranked as the No. 4 in-state player in the 2022 recruiting class — was one of the first in-state players in that class to be offered a scholarship by Kentucky
The 6-2, 170-pound Longmire has been primarily an offensive player his first two seasons at Kentucky.
As a freshman, he ran 69 times for 611 yards and four touchdowns and caught 20 passes for 524 yards and seven scores. His sophomore year he had 75 rushes for 507 yards and five scores and 11 catches for 167 yards and one score. He also had 16 tackles and one fumble recovery.

Other than Kentucky, he also has scholarship offers from Louisville, Boston College,  Florida State, West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Purdue, Nebraska, Texas Christian and Michigan State. Ole Miss, Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan, Mississippi State, Ohio State, Clemson and South Carolina also have Longmire on their radar.His coach, Justin Haddix, the last two years is now the head coach at Boyle County and former Corbin defensive coordinator Tom Greer is Corbin’s new head coach this year.
“I like playing both sides of the ball but college coaches like me at corner because of my body style,” Longmire, who consistently runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, said. “When I was younger, I tried different sports but just the hype of football got me and I was good at it.”
Longmire believes if he had been able to attend summer camps he would have more scholarship offers by now. He definitely wants to visit Ohio State and Penn State and even though he’s been to Kentucky often will also return there.

Haddix knows he left a rising star behind in Longmire.

“I took him to camp at Clemson last year and we had him as a running back but they all project him as a defensive back in college with his size and speed. For college coaches, production does not matter as much as height, weight and speed,” Haddix said. “Purdue came in and said if we played him more at defensive back everybody in the country would be here to see him. Last year he did do more of both.”

Longmire did play safety in middle school and Haddix says not to doubt he will be a terrific full-time defensive player this year.
“He is going to get better with age and experience,” Haddix said. “His offers will increase. There are not that many players in that size and speed range that can do the things he does. The more he gets out there and college coaches see him, the more the offers are going to come in.”

Longmire says he was fortunate to have places to work out and continue training during the COVID-19 shutdown and now he’s hoping there will be a high school football season starting Sept. 11.

“We are going to have a really good team this year,” Longmire said. “We all work together. We should be really good.”

Longmire ran 15 times for 209 yards and four touchdowns in a 42-21 win over Knox Central in the first round of the Class AAAA playoffs in 2019 but a freak injury limited him to just one carry in a 63-49 second round loss to Wayne County.

“He had a really great game against Knox Central. He would just make guys miss and go score,” Haddix said. “Then he was celebrating with a teammate in the end zone and hyperextended his knee and basically didn’t get to play in the second round. But I know he’s healthy now and ready to go.”

Longmire has one other trait that Haddix likes and knows college coaches will, too.

“He is a very happy kid. He works and realizes he has this and wants to make the best of it. He just has an attitude you love,” Haddix said.

That attitude includes a sense of maturity to know to take his time making a college choice even though some recruiting analysts are already projecting him as a future UK commit.

“I am going to take my time and see what other schools might do with me,” Longmire said. “I think I will make my decision toward the end of my senior year. I just don’t see any reason not to do that and give myself all the time I need to make the right choice.”

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