Schlarman Never Quits Worrying About Her Husband

By LARRY VAUGHT Ask John Schlarman what his life might be like if he wasn’t coaching and he’ll tell you he doesn’t know because coaching football is all the Kentucky offensive line coach has ever done.However, his wife, LeeAnne Federspiel Schlarman, understands that well because she feels the same about being

Schlarman Strong

By Dr. John Huang Sometimes you just need to score some style points. Luckily, a date with the Vanderbilt Commodores was just what the doctor ordered. Kentucky (3-4), behind the play of quarterback Terry Wilson, defeated their Music City neighbors 38 – 35 for a much needed “feel good” win. In one

The Great American

John Schlarman lost a two-year fight with cancer Thursday. He was 45. (Photo by Chet White|UK Athletics) LEXINGTON, Ky. (KT) — It didn’t take long for John Schlarman to make an impact on Mark Stoops. “When you meet someone like John, how could you not love him?” Stoops said. “He really is


By Bill Crockett (MANCHESTER, Ky.) — Anyone who played the game of football realizes the importance that focus, detail to attention, and teamwork has on the outcome of a game.  Perhaps the most valuable lesson today’s student athletes learn, however, is that just like everyday life, regardless of the amount of effort

The Most Inspirational Coach in America

By Dr. John Huang When you think about inspirational football coaches, Vince Lombardi, Dick Vermeil, and George Allen come immediately to mind. Listen to them talk for five minutes, and you're ready to run through a brick wall. But talk is cheap. We all know that actions speak louder than words. Kentucky assistant