What makes for a great teammate?

Davion Mintz and Kellan Grady serve as perfect prototypes for the consummate teammate (Photo Dr. Michael Huang) (LEXINGTON, Ky.) -- Why is this current Kentucky basketball team becoming so beloved? Of course, it’s more than just the fact that they’re winning a lot of games. Fans also love teams made up

Return to Glory?

John Wall is one cool Cat (photo credit Dr. Michael Huang) (LEXINGTON, Ky.) – John Wall forever changed the perception of Kentucky Basketball. When he, DeMarcus Cousins, and Eric Bledsoe signed on to play for the Wildcats in 2009, Kentucky suddenly became the team to cheer for. Prior to that, the

Can Anyone Whisper “PLATOON” (again)?

Karl-Anthony Towns, as an integral part of Coach John Calipari's infamous 2014 - 2015 platoon system, battles for a rebound versus Notre Dame in the regional finals. Photo Credit Dr. Michael Huang (LEXINGTON, Ky. ) -- The year after Kentucky went 38 – 1 and finished two measly wins short of

Screw The Neutral-Site Games, It’s Time To Go Home (And Home) Against Elite Competition

In addition to opening up NIL opportunities for student athletes, Governor Andy Beshear needs to sign an executive order promoting competitive and entertaining basketball at Rupp Arena. I love the way Kentucky Basketball’s overall non-conference schedule is shaping up. With Duke, Michigan, Notre Dame, North Carolina, and Kansas already on the

Where Were You On The Day That Sports Stood Still?

Vanderbilt and Arkansas played in the final SEC basketball game at Bridgestone Arena before the day that sports stood still. In my lifetime, there have been four iconic “stop what you were doing and watch” moments. The first one—the John F. Kennedy assassination on November 22, 1963—occurred when I was four

Best Friends Forever?

You’d think UK head basketball coach John Calipari and his athletics director, Mitch Barnhart, should be best buddies. After all, they’re exactly the same age (Cal is actually six months older), they grew up in the same eras, and they’ve been intimately tied together as top-level executives at the same

Calipari Laments Team’s Fatal Flaw

(LEXINGTON, Ky.) -- When casting aspersions on this year’s Kentucky basketball team, there’s plenty of blame to go around. After all, you can’t go 8 – 14 and be on track for one of the worst seasons in program history…and NOT expect some finger pointing. Is it the lack of pure

Please Coach Cal, Say It Ain’t So!

When Oscar Combs speaks, you better listen. The “Guru of UK Sports” made a guest appearance on the radio show this morning and dropped a precious nugget that made me squirm a bit. After pining about the hypocrisy of coaches salaries, the futility of the Eddie Gran firing, and the first-half

Brandon Boston Trying To Stay The Course But Has Been Surprised At How Difficult The Season Has Been

Brandon Boston (UK Athletics Photo) By LARRY VAUGHT He’s the leading scorer at Kentucky, a position that normally would earn a true freshman early-season accolades. Instead, Brandon Boston has been struggling as much — or maybe more — than the rest of his UK teammates. Before Kentucky played and lost to Notre Dame for