Champions Classic Memories: My 36 Hours in New York City

By Dr. John Huang “If you’re going to the 9/11 Memorial, I’d be honored if you find my friend and take a picture.”—Alan Cutler I was thinking about those words as I stared out my airplane window at the daunting Manhattan skyline. What must it have been like for those hijacked passengers on those ill-fated

A Star Is Born

By Dr. John Huang In the storied history of Kentucky Basketball, several first-year players have had early-season breakout success. Those of you in my generation undoubtedly remember Dwight "the blur" Anderson and his 17 points and monstrous dunk against Notre Dame in 1978. Not only did Kentucky beat the Irish 81-76, but

Are You Ready to Stumble?

By Dr. John Huang It’s been nearly a full year since Kentucky suffered that humiliating 118-84 beat down at the hands of Duke. Like many of you, it still lingers in the deep dark recesses of my mind. I try to forget, but the memory persists. Perhaps that’s why I’m headed up to New