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There’s Nobody Better than Oscar!

By Dr. John Huang For long-time University of Kentucky Sports fans, an hour with Oscar Combs is like a little taste of heaven. That’s what we got on the radio show this morning. With Shannon the Dude on a well-deserved two-day sabbatical, Oscar got up early to share some of his thoughts

The Most Frustrating Thing About One-And-Done

By Dr. John Huang Come this fall—if the season does indeed tip off as scheduled—Kentucky Basketball will have as many “new faces” on the team as I can ever remember. Since I started following the Cats during the Dan Issel era, that’s about fifty years’ worth of hairstyles, smiles, accents, and

Here’s What I’ll Really Miss About Ashton Hagans.

By Dr. John Huang We all knew it was coming. So, the announcement that Ashton Hagans was declaring for the 2020 NBA draft didn't raise many eyebrows. Even in this news-starved, Covid-19, apocalyptic world we live in, the fact that Kentucky's starting point guard for the past two seasons was taking

Are You Smarter Than Oscar Combs?

By Dr. John Huang First things first. When it comes to Kentucky Basketball, there's NO ONE smarter than Oscar. The Guru of UK sports has forgotten more facts and figures about the Big Blue than any of us will ever profess to know in our lifetimes. From Basil Hayden to Anthony