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Stenberg Getting Love From NFL Scouts


Former Kentucky offensive lineman Logan Stenberg is at the NFL Combine this week and UK recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow likes what he has been hearing from NFL personnel.

“They love him,” Marrow said on WKYB-FM Thursday morning. “I don’t think he will last past the third round (of the draft in April). 

“I talk to a lot of NFL guys. There are a lot who love him and some that don’t like the penalties (Stenberg had at UK). But I told them you’ve got to have a grown man in the offensive line. If your line is tough, he will make it tougher. If it is not tough, he will make it tough.

“He’s a gentleman off the field but on the field he is nasty. At the Senior Bowl, he made a lot of money for himself with how he played.”

Marrow has explained to NFL scouts that Stenberg, an Alabama native, was part of a culture change at UK.

“I told them we had Benny Snell, Josh Allen and Lynn Bowden but I truly believe the culture changed here when we got some big, tough linemen,” Marrow said. “Logan is the type dude when you get off the bus that people know he’s a tough dude. 

“Our line started getting respect and Logan helped change that culture for us in this league. He’ll help some team in the NFL do the same.”

Larry Vaught
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