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Who’s Your Prom Date?

By Dr. John Huang

Kentucky Football has their second open-date on the schedule coming up this week. If “idle hands are the devil’s workshop,” then you know Michael and Shannon are up to no good.

Or is it AWESOME good?

Today on the show, they pulled off a segment worthy of any eharmony, tinder, or zoosk.

Here’s what went down.

The Setting

The bottom of the hour on the weekly Just The Cats radio show starring Michael Bennett and Shannon “The Dude” Grigsby.

The Characters

Henry Lane– currently a senior at Lafayette High School and son of Transylvania head basketball coach Brian Lane.
London Olive–Kentucky model making it BIG on the world stage.

The Plot Line

If Henry gets 500K retweets, London goes with him to the prom!

Help a brother out!

OK BBN and all you Just The Cats listeners, now’s your chance to do something really productive during the Cats’ football bye-week.

Let’s do this!

Dr. John Huang
Dr. John Huang is a retired orthodontist and military veteran. As a lifelong Wildcat fan, a fledgling author, and an occasional guest host of Just the Cats Radio, he's now living out his dream as a UK Sports columnist. Dr. Huang also covers professional sports on a regional level. You can follow him on Twitter @KYHuangs or contact him If you enjoy his writing, you can also read more at

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