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Champions Classic Memories: My 36 Hours in New York City

By Dr. John Huang “If you’re going to the 9/11 Memorial, I’d be honored if you find my friend and take a picture.”—Alan Cutler I was thinking about those words as I stared out my airplane window at the daunting Manhattan skyline. What must it have been like for those hijacked passengers on those ill-fated

Alan Cutler Rants on Just The Cats

By Dr. John Huang The iconic Alan Cutler made a special guest appearance on the radio show this morning with yours truly as host. As expected, the bombastic broadcasting personality offered his opinions on everything from the insincerity of the UK media, to the beauty of Lynn Bowden playing quarterback, to the

Big Woo Madness

By Dr. John Huang What a better way to kick off a huge UK sports weekend than by listening to the one and only Lukasz Obrzut on Just The Cats this morning. Michael managed to steal the popular former UK big man away from time on that other radio show...and Woo

Motivation Guaranteed!

By Dr. John Huang Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari's call into Kentucky Sports Radio this morning failed to generate much excitement. Those who tuned in were undoubtedly disappointed when Coach Cal essentially said nothing we didn't hear at Media Day last week. Matt tried to ask him about his opinion on

“It’s Not Coaches Day, It’s Media Day!”

By Dr. John Huang University of Kentucky Basketball Media Day is coming up tomorrow. I can't wait. It was just two short years ago since we witnessed one of the greatest reporter-to-coach exchanges ever to take place at a media event--perhaps ever in the history of sport. For those who may have