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Bam Adebayo Needs To Stick To Basketball

Yesterday, on Just The Cats Shannon The Dude & I talked about the eating competition between former UK basketball great Bam Adebayo & Takeru Kobayashi. How did Bam fare? It wasn’t even close. Bam ate 1 hamburger to Kobayashi’s 20 hamburgers comsumed in 5 minutes.

Watch if you dare, but it’s not a good thing to witness if you just ate or are getting ready to comsume mass quantities of hamburgers.

Michael Bennett
Michael Bennett is a life long Kentucky fan that, after 25 years in the medical device industry, is now the host of Just the Cats– a UK sports talk radio show. The sporting events that he has covered have been the fulfillment of a dream of his for many years. Covering UK as a media member while getting an inside look at our beloved Wildcats is nothing short of amazing. If you would like to connect with Michael follow him on Twitter @justthecatradio.

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