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No. 1 and Done, Then Fire the Bum!

By Dr. John Huang (LEXINGTON, Ky.) – It’s hard being a sports fan. One minute you’re cruising on cloud nine after a big win. The next minute you’re ready to go bridge jumping after that devastating loss. University of Kentucky sports fans know those feelings all too well. Just within the

Will Kentucky Fans Still Make the Trek To Nashville?

By Dr. John Huang (NASHVILLE, Tn.) – Nashville, Tennessee has always been a favorite destination for die-hard Kentucky fans. When the Cats are playing in Music City, blue always gets in—no matter the sport. Count on it! UK fans love Nashville Whenever the SEC Basketball Tournament is held in Nashville, BBN arrives in

Is Kentucky Versus Tennessee Really a Football Rivalry?

By Dr. John Huang My online dictionary defines a rivalry as “a competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.” Taking that definition to heart, the upcoming Kentucky versus Tennessee football game certainly qualifies as such. First of all, the objective for both teams is obviously to win the game. As

Champions Classic Memories: My 36 Hours in New York City

By Dr. John Huang “If you’re going to the 9/11 Memorial, I’d be honored if you find my friend and take a picture.”—Alan Cutler I was thinking about those words as I stared out my airplane window at the daunting Manhattan skyline. What must it have been like for those hijacked passengers on those ill-fated

A Star Is Born

By Dr. John Huang In the storied history of Kentucky Basketball, several first-year players have had early-season breakout success. Those of you in my generation undoubtedly remember Dwight "the blur" Anderson and his 17 points and monstrous dunk against Notre Dame in 1978. Not only did Kentucky beat the Irish 81-76, but

Here’s the One Overriding Reason Why Mark Stoops Isn’t Going Anywhere

By Dr. John Huang Since Willie Taggart was fired as the head coach at Florida State, speculation has run rampant that Kentucky coach Mark Stoops would naturally be on the short list to take over that program. After all, Stoops spent two years as Jimbo Fisher's defensive coordinator on those powerhouse

Oh No, Not Nick! Wildcats Roll Over Tigers as Richards Rolls Ankle.

By Dr. John Huang It didn’t take long for one of John Calipari’s biggest Halloween fears to materialize. Early in the second half of their first exhibition game against Georgetown College, Nick Richards collapsed to the floor in pain. Kentucky's junior center immediately grabbed his left ankle. He remained prone on