Lights, Camera, Action: Kentucky Ready to Kick Off Season Like No Other

By Dr. John Huang (LEXINGTON, Ky.) – To play or not to play? That’s been the question for the football gods ever since the Coronavirus burst onto the scene at the beginning of the year. For the past several months, eager UK fans have waited with bated breath, wondering if the

Big Dog: Build that Wall, No Excuses, and Screw the Rankings!

By Dr. John Huang You can always count on Vince Marrow to speak truth. He’s always open, honest, and certainly not afraid to speak his mind. Whenever he comes on with Michael Bennett, we know it’ll be “must listen” radio. Here are the highlights of what they talked about. In-State Recruiting Earlier this

What Negative Things are Rival Programs Saying when Recruiting against Kentucky?

By Dr. John Huang We all know that in the “dog eat dog” world of basketball recruiting, there has to be a lot of mud slinging going on. Especially against top-dog programs like Kentucky, you’d think rival recruiters would say anything to get an edge. Texts, lies, and videotapes have got

Cats Play Auburn at Noon

Personally, I would have thought Kentucky/Auburn would have rated a little bit higher on the respect meter. Kentucky running back Chris Rodriguez gave the right answer when asked. "We're just ready to play," he said. It doesn't matter what time it is. The game could kick off at 8 o'clock

Far Worse than an ACL

By Dr. John Huang Most Kentucky fans have had enough of 2020. Take a worldwide pandemic, mix in some social injustice, sprinkle in an unhealthy portion of partisan presidential politics and an ungodly number of celebrity deaths—and you’ve got the recipe for a downer of a year. During stressful times, sports